stock control

In any environment where stock is used it need to be monitored, controlled and utilised to its fullest potential and out stock control system is designed to do that and more.

Each business has different criteria and focus for stock be it simply knowing what you have and where to controlling costs or just to monitor use and whist many stock control systems can be clunky and complex to use, we simplify the processes through automation and customising the design to suit your business.

This flexibility also means that our stock system can be used in a wide variety of different environments such as field service, brand or producer spare parts control, building sites, asset management through to retail and a host of other applications.

All entered around the core functions of stock control designed to help you manage stock and to save money in doing so.

But layering on top of that some extremely powerful features to automate tasks and save revenue both in ordering and carrying unnecessary stocks.

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barcode handling

Our stock system can read, generate and print barcodes from a variety of sources to help you manage you stocks or inventory. Barcode Handling

You can even use different devices from phones and tablets through to dedicated barcode scanning devices to read barcodes.

And of course you can generate and print your own barcodes as required to print for labelling items.

Using barcodes can speed up your processes in many businesses as well as help to maintain more accurate stock counts and give a unified, easy to use way to identify items.

multi site

As our system online and can be installed in a variety of different ways to suit the requirements, it can be accessed 24/7 by multiple users in multiple locations all at the same time.

Of course access is full secured and controlled by the system administrators.

This however allows managers or business principals to keep a watch on stocks from afar, even when travelling abroad but more importantly it allows the use of a shared or unified stock system across multiple sites.

For many businesses this is important and saves the need to have multiple systems on different sites unless this is better for your business and the to amalgamate the stocks for reporting etc.


Integration with a variety of electronic point of sale systems is entirely possible so that you can keep your stock count correct when selling as well as pull up information from an EPOS point.

Made yet more powerful where barcodes are used to give that completely professional look at your sales points.

There are many different EPOS systems in operation and it is best to talk to us about your specific requirements for this feature if you have an existing system or are in the process of choosing a system. We will gladly give you advice on this topic.

loan & assign
On rapport stock control you can "loan" items to employees, subcontractors and so forth and keep a note of it and, track of your assets as well as set a reminder to ensure that the items you do loan are returned.

Items can also be "assigned" so a tool a bit of plant, vehicles or such can be assigned to an employee or contractor and tracked meaning you have better control of who has what, where and for how long in order to better protect your assets.
bulk order management
For larger orders that will often be placed in advance to span the life of a particular project we have a feature we call bulk order management.

this allows you or staff to see what items are available on a particular contract or project at any given time and allows you to better manage the use of items, raise new orders if required and so forth.

this saves time, saves money and saves the need for complicated spreadsheets to work out what project managers can and cannot place orders for.
Stock can be reserved for a variety of reasons and having the facility to be able to reserve stock for a contractor, customer and so forth means that your clients are not let down by the lack of stock.

Equally as we automated the process whenever an item is reserved it will engage a timer that, once expired if the stock is not collected or used, will notify you or staff to return the item/s to normal useable stock or, restart another timer.

The saves items that might be used from being sat reserved and never collected or used.
stock take
Take stock numbers on the fly as you go so that inaccuracies or discrepancies can be reported and addressed as quickly as possible as a part of our measures to make keeping accurate stocks as easy as possible but, also it try to prevent fraud or theft.

This tied to our notification system that then will alert the responsible persons to look into the matter and determine why there is a discrepancy.

this is fast, easy and to stay using the system a seamless integration that they will not even notice in normal use.


Many businesses grow over time and scalability is a consideration for almost any business, we've got you covered here.

You can run most of the major elements individually, as part of a suite and add or drop elements as suits your needs.

Even if your business expands hugely to many times the original size we can set up each element on its own linked platform allowing for a hugely powerful overall system to cope with many thousands of service calls per year, tens of thousands of stock items and more if the requirements demand.

All the while you can be safe in the knowledge that additional elements or customisation can be added or made as you need.

From very small requirements to huge rapport is a scalable platform as the innovative design allows rapport to be hugely adaptable.


Our users really appreciate the notifications system that allows you to set up notifications for actions based on a variety of parameters that are all either totally automated or, user definable.

For example SMS and email notifications of low stock, stock that has been reserved and stock values are commonly used notifications.

All that operators need to do is input, for example, the minimum stock value to hold and the system does the rest for you and, alerts you to any problems.


Costs for stock control can vary depending on the specific requirements for uncomplicated and light use this can be from a very low monthly cost however complexity and number of items and users can affect the hardware etc required and also pricing. Cost really comes down to your requirements and integrations required for us to offer you a pricing plan.

There is no user limit on the system at all, we do not charge by the user but we need to tailor the resources required to specifically meet your needs.

And of course we also have to try to minimise that cost to you.

In keeping with our pricing policies there is no up-front development costs, you simply pay for use as you go in all but very rare instances where very specialist needs are required.

to get a more accurate idea of costs please feel free to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to give you a quote.


We take your data security and that of your customers extremely seriously indeed.

Your data is, your data!

We do not use, look or interfere with your data in any way at all.

If you want your data, it's yours we have a policy embedded that we do not control, manipulate or alter your data nor hamper you should you wish to extract it.

Our view is that, our systems are good enough that our customers do not want to move from our services therefore we have no need to make it difficult should a client wish to extract their data.

For each client we set up a unique encrypted server and, with our background dealing with PCI compliant secure websites, it's something we have much experience with.

We like to guide each client individually on the best solution for them as needs do vary and we tailor each package to the requirements of each client individually to best suit their needs.

We will keep you and your data safe.