service center

The commercial version of rapport is designed to fit most sizes of service operations, automate many of the call centre tasks and minimise costs along with allowing for expandability and flexibilities that allow it to adapt to your business's needs.

With a host of innovative unique features we do not think you can find any other solution as cost effective or flexible.

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field service call handling
Our system is designed to be available for you to log and distribute service calls to your own or subcontract field service operatives quickly, easily and cheaply.

When used in conjunction with other components however it offers the look, feel and functionality of a large full blown corporate filed service handling system but without the huge cost or investment in IT infrastructure.

With no limit on the users, the ability to be used anywhere and the various elements that can be added it is extremely powerful, convenient and highly cost effect.
stock control
Our stock control system can be used as a fully stand alone element or integrated with call handling and parts lookup or either in isolation to offer the most flexibility possible.

This package offers a huge degree of functionality to run virtually any business or even part of a business that has to utilise stock control on one site or across many with advanced modern features and reporting method to help you control your stock as cost effectively as possible.

All of it designed to automate many of the menial tasks that any stock room has to undertake on a day to day basis to cut down on labour.
parts portal
We offer a parts identification portal that can be used by your own staff or opened up to subcontractors to view, identify and even order if you wish spare parts or other goods.

The ability to handle PDF exploded drawings and list the appropriate item or ordering is a good example of how this system is normally utilised.

Built in our core system but fully customisable it is far more cost effective than most and can be interlinked to stock control, call handling and field service operatives for parts lookup and ordering in the field in real time.
online warranty registration
Offer your customers the ability to register there warranties online for free directly from our website or a dedicated website, even multiple registration points if required.

This information then fed straight into your database or report installation so that if service is ever required you can pull the details up on screen in seconds.

Or, should the need ever arise to contact the customer for maintenance, a recall or any other reason, you have the ability to track the registrations.
self service call handling
In our efforts to improve the customer experience and reduce the voice call/email loads we designed the systems to automatically notify and update your customers but we now also offer a service that allows your customers to check progress for themselves online.

With every registered request a unique ID is generated and given to your customer allowing them to simply go online to your website and check progress that is called from your system.

It is therefore possible, where online boing is also used, for any service request to be made from start to finish with not a single phone call being required.
technical library
As an additional system element that is often found used n conjunction with parts lookup we also offer a technical documentation library.

Within this element of the system you can store technical documentation, training notes and even embed videos from the like of YouTube and Vimeo etc as well as other sources. All of it being fully searchable and items can be linked to products in the parts lookup module, to field service operatives and even with call handling.

This can be made available to users on staff and subcontractors as required as access is controlled by you.

tailored fit

All the rapport installations can be customised to suit you.

You don't need to change your business at all, unless you wish to of course.With different design elements, branding and so on the system can be made to look pretty much just how you want to make it uniquely yours.

Not only that, for clients and end users that preserves brand identity meaning that white label service can be delivered, easily.

Or, you may wish to preserve and promote your own brand. To many clients branding and aesthetic is important and for some removal of even our branding is important so that they maintain all their own branding from end to end.

cost reduction

A core principal of rapport is to automate many of the repetitive and often labour intensive tasks required in each area of implementation and thereby in turn to reduce costs.

However our customer service centric view also allows us to implement solutions to accomplish this whilst also enhancing and improving the customer experience, offering your customers a better service while reducing your costs.

One case where rapport was implemented saved over 50% of the labour required resulting a significant reduction in staffing costs yet improving service levels offered to customers.

One of the true beauties of our system is to deliver simple easy to use advanced features and yet delivered improved efficiencies at the same time.


Key performance indicators are great but they can be open to abuse through manipulation and, they can also be unfair depending on the metrics being utilised.
We wanted a better way.
To that end we innovated and designed a review module for rapport that automatically sends review invitations to your customers asking them for feedback as, after all, those are the people who's opinion really counts.

However overall customer satisfaction we imagine is a far better measure of how good or bad the service is than how fast, how cheap or so on is measured in traditional KPI type metrics.

And, it is a fairer way to reward subcontracts or employees allowing you to measure overall satisfaction, not just a number.

It also allows you to better identify where improvement may be required and how to best go about that.

Of course all the traditional measurements are available as well and, as standard but, this is one step beyond and in keeping with leading customer service the world over from global blue chip companies. Without the huge price tag to offer such services.


Many businesses grow over time and scalability is a consideration for almost any business, we've got you covered here.

You can run most of the major elements individually, as part of a suite and add or drop elements as suits your needs.

Even if your business expands hugely to many times the original size we can set up each element on its own linked platform allowing for a hugely powerful overall system to cope with many thousands of service calls per year, tens of thousands of stock items and more if the requirements demand.

All the while you can be safe in the knowledge that additional elements or customisation can be added or made as you need.

From very small requirements to huge rapport is a scalable platform as the innovative design allows rapport to be hugely adaptable.

Accept Online Call Booking

One constant in the customer service industry is complaints from customers about busy one lines and not being able to get through or, spending ages waiting to get through and especially so at high volume times.

To address this we can give you a web form that you can announce on your call queuing or on answering service to redirect your customers to place a service request online. This reduces your call volumes and evens the volume of work out ver an extended period all the while still allowing your staff to vet service requests, recontact the customer and so on.

For us this is a win-win.

Customers get a better service that's less hassle and time for them, you get reduced load at busy times and time to answer your customer in a more meaningful and complete manner.

Web Portal

For non-rapport users a full web portal for work completion and updating can be provided and of course can be customised to your requirements to a large degree.

This can be branded as required and you can even use multiple portals to offer different branding for each brand that you operate if that is a requirement.

Our web portal is very easy for subcontractors to use in order to encourage them to do so, it is light and very fast for them to complete or update works carried out.

Our web portal can also be linked to the technical library, stock and parts lookup offering a "one-stop-shop" for any subcontractors to order parts, update any work in progress and complete it all online.

Saving Money

Delivering world class service levels and information to your customers but being able to save money while doing so may seem a flight of fancy. We assure you, it is not.

Our background is rooted in the service industry, driving down costs to maximise profitability is a core tenant of all that we do.

We look to save wherever possible through a variety of tools to enable you to do more for less, deliver better service to your customer at as low a cost as is possible.

Through automation of processes for example we will often find that the labour required to run a service centre is significantly reduced, often saving tens of thousands of pounds per year.

Or stock automation saving needless stock being held, saving thousands in stock costs.

These are merely simple examples of the way we look at using our systems to save our clients money, money that is easy to save.


We take your data security and that of your customers extremely seriously indeed.

Your data is, your data!

We do not use, look or interfere with your data in any way at all.

If you want your data, it's yours we have a policy embedded that we do not control, manipulate or alter your data nor hamper you should you wish to extract it.

Our view is that, our systems are good enough that our customers do not want to move from our services therefore we have no need to make it difficult should a client wish to extract their data.

For each client we set up a unique encrypted server and, with our background dealing with PCI compliant secure websites, it's something we have much experience with.

We like to guide each client individually on the best solution for them as needs do vary and we tailor each package to the requirements of each client individually to best suit their needs.

We will keep you and your data safe.