The cost was an extremely important consideration when we were looking for a system to use and, one that pushed us to develop our own system more than any other. It is also probably the area you may be most interested in.

Fact is, this is not a rich industry and certainly huge global companies may be able to afford to throw tens of thousands of pounds or even more at a system and all the hardware to run it, we couldn’t. 

We also realised only too well that we were not the only company in that position.

Nitty Gritty

The truth is, we often don’t know how much any single installation will cost.

The reasons are that every installation like every client is unique we do not know what you want us to do and, until we do, it’s impossible to give you an accurate indication of what you need done will cost.

The best thing to do is to talk to us, let us understand the requirements and work with you to get to a solution and cost that suits all. Doing this also lets us tailor the system to what you need it to do allowing you to get the most from it.

What we can tell you for sure is, we’ll probably be the cheapest solution that you will come across.

Running Costs

Unlike many we do not base costs on how many people use the system or how many desktops that the system is installed to, you still have the flexibility for as many users as you like logged in from wherever you want on whatever platform you choose at no additional cost.

For many operations this can be a very expensive way to do things, especially if you have a lot off occasional or part time users who would normally be charged for just the same as a full time member of staff using the system all day, every day. We do not think the fair or flexible enough for the appliance industry or many others than we deal with.

Even occasional users or people that may just want to look into the system for information in your company do not incur any extra charges.

Keep in mind, we were facing many of the issues that other service centres and brands have and just like you, we wanted to keep our costs low and we found most systems running into tens of thousands of pounds which was a huge investment to make. Rapport costs nothing like that.

We base the costs around the volume of service calls logged to determine the cost so that you don’t pay less per call the more you deal with but, it is a low cost per job in any event.

There is a low monthly cost attached to save the need for any large capital outlay and that covers the cost of regular maintenance, updates etc. that is based on your requirements and type of installation. This ensures you always have the latest version in most instances other than if you opt to maintain the system yourself.

Rapport however is not expensive and with the benefits it brings it is designed to save you hassle, time and money. The idea being that it “just works” and doesn’t cost much to accomplish that.

We can also of course allow you to trial Rapport totally free of charge.

Web Portal

Should you wish to use a web portal so that your contractors can update and complete work online you can add this to your rapport installation easily.

The costs do vary slightly based on the requirement although it is not an expensive feature to add but it can and has proven to save a lot of time and money administrating work that has been carried out.

Service Agents

We knew that the service companies that needed a system to track and record service calls were very poor and that a more reasonable and, probably free to use system would be appropriate. That’s what we built for them.

Many of the more advanced features do carry a cost as, after all, it is commercial software. Yet still massively cheaper than any other solution we’ve encountered.

This does however offer you the opportunity to give your service agents a solution that they can use in their own business to communicate with you directly at zero cost to you. You get information faster, the service agent may well become more efficient and get a free call handling package.



The optional uplifts module allows you to track and monitor all uplifts, issue authoriation etc


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